Why Getting a Hair Transplant like Celebrity Makes Sense

“It’s just baldness. It will not change who you really are on the inside.” These are just some of the encouraging words people say to their friends who are suffering from baldness. But its psychological effects cannot be denied. Just take a look at how Ranbir Kapoor tried to deal with it. While he was already considered as one of the highest paid actors in Hindi cinema, he was also a victim of hair loss. What did he do? Soon, he started sporting hoodies, caps and bandanas to hide the receding hairline. It’s obvious it was affecting him.

Later on, he was spotted wearing different hairstyles, not worrying about having fake hair falling.

Finally, it looks like that he himself got a hair transplant.

Is it a wise choice to get a hair transplant?

Baldness can have damaging effects on people, men, and women alike. People who suffer from hair loss have evident emotional and psychological symptoms, affecting the way they see themselves and as well as how other people perceive them. While some are able to cope with this physical condition, the others, on the other hand, will develop negative psychological conditions like anxiety and depression. In extreme cases, these people are referred to therapists or a psychologist to get help.

When hair loss happens, it affects the look of a person. A hairline that is receding makes one look a lot older than their actual age. Some people see this on the mirror, and their hair loss results in a loss in self-confidence. Men for example may have problems approaching the ladies for fear that they will get rejected because of baldness. Will you feel embarrassed if someone mistakes you as the uncle of your girlfriend? Maybe yes.

For Woman

For women, they are known to have more difficulty coping when they experience hair loss. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, women with hair loss have the tendency to suffer more mentally and emotionally compared to men. They are also more likely to have a negative body image. About 75% of men who have hair loss report having lesser self-confidence while 60% say they have been made fun of because of their condition.


Men and women with hair loss should suffer no more. Many Celebs are getting a hair transplant and this brought about a change in attitude. You can also gain back your confidence by getting a hair transplant.

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