Doctors, stay updated with our specialized training and fellowship programmes

Doctors, we provide regular training and fellowships in the latest, cutting-edge hair transplant techniques. Stay updated, get trained in the latest trends with Dr Aklish Jain’s hands-on training programmes.

Outbloom specialist training courses are customized for both beginner and advanced level participants. Doctor trainees are tutored in the latest, cutting-edge hair transplant techniques, including FUE, by Dr Aklish Jain himself in Outbloom Skin & Hair Clinic.

The trainings include regular sessions in the operation theatre with live demo by Dr Aklish Jain as he performs surgeries and explains each step. At the end of the course, trainees perform their first FUE surgery under careful guidance. Participants are also provided help for setting up hair transplant clinics, including sourcing the right equipment.

The courses are open for nursing staff of participating doctors. Our experienced nurses offer education on surgery room preparation, the equipment used in surgery and the help to doctors in operations in great detail.

Here is what you can expect to learn, step by step

The Outbloom hair transplant training follows a calibrated schedule and all stages are demonstrated in detail on actual patients.

  • Introduction to and understanding of the anatomy of the scalp and its neural and vascular support.
  • Different types of hair loss and indications for transplant.
  • Detailed pre-op instruction and guidance on medical publications to consult.
  • Patient consultation – measurement of donor area density, Hamilton-Norwood classification and assessment of graft requirement.
  • Identification of anatomic spot locations and proportions.
  • Hairline design.

FUE techniques are first taught in theory with detailed information on both manual and motorized FUE, the correct instruments to be used, and how to translate technical theoretical knowledge into actual practice step by step. At the conclusion, trainees are taught actual application of the techniques on patients.

Post-op training

Obviously, the most crucial element of the FUE training is the result stage. At the Outbloom hair transplant training programme, Dr Aklish Jain trains participants in

  • Detailed post-op tracking to patients including information on after care, how to and when to wash newly transplanted hair;
  • Necessary medication.

Successful trainees are awarded certificates indicating training in FUE technique as well as free on-call assistance from Outbloom for a year
via email, phone calls and Skype.

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