Thread lift

Thread lift 

What is a Face Thread, and how does it work?

Face threading is a simple and painless alternative to conventional facelift surgery. Face threading is intended to be less invasive; a face thread lift will minimize sagging along the jawline, throat, and cheeks faster and with virtually no harm, relative to the standard surgical solution. A unique form of face thread is used during the face thread lift process to discretely lift the facial tissues and reposition the skin after surgery.

In a contour thread lift, translucent threads are used to conceal surgical wounds.

Face threading, in general, yields noticeable effects easily, with less hassle and risk than most methods. Face thread lifts are also relatively cheap as compared to conventional face lift surgery.

What is the protocol for a Face Thread Lift?

The face thread lift process requires the use of polypropylene threads that are threaded under the surface of your face using a method known as tunnelling. The threads are used to lift the facial tissues, then pulled and anchored firmly in the tissues above the hairline with the other end. Scar tissues from around the anchored fibres, anchoring the face’s skin and soft tissues in an elevated position.

Face threading is a cost-effective, safe, and easy way to treat sagging jaws and cheeks.

Recovery Following The Surgery

Following the face threading, the doctor would most certainly give you directions to follow. For the first 24-48 hours, add ice to the affected area to minimize swelling and pain. You will heal in less than a fortnight but stop strenuous workouts for the next two to three weeks. Mild swelling and bruising are likely, but they should go away after a week or two.

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