The Best Hair Transplant Centers in India

Do you have a baldness problem and are you looking for a reputable hair transplant clinic in India? Look no further. We have made this easier for you and listed down the top ones in here. Check out the list below.


  1. BLK Super Speciality Hospital


This hospital boasts a team of reliable experts, whom they say are on the mission to improving community health. During the 1990s, this hospital upgraded its tertiary care hospital, where they tied up with Radiant Life Care Private Limited, as well as improved their facilities and system. This is now known as a modernized and technically equipped hospital, seen in the growing number of testimonies, a significant improvement from previous performance

2 –  Jaypee Hospital


This hospital differentiates itself as a patient-centric facility and is proud of its ethical treatment of patients. It’s one of the most respected hospitals in India. They are recognized by ECHS and CGHS. They also pride themselves in having a devoted team, dedicated to bringing services for international patients. This is equipped with the latest technologies, combined with very skilled medical professionals.


 3 – Fortis Hospital


The assurance of Fortis Hospital is that they say that whatever background you come from, they promise to help you get fit in no time. If you get your transplant here, then know that their cosmetic procedures and surgeries come with little to no side-effects. They also have a special service area for their International patients, great for foreigners.

4 – Apollo Hospital


Apollo is proud of that fact their reviews show that they have a 99.6% success rate in cardiac surgeries. Their consultants were chosen based on the fact that they have perfect technical excellence, as well as offer compassion to their patients. Their medical professionals came from recognized institutes, either in India or abroad. They are known as the first to introduce the idea of preventive health-care in the country. This hospital has already completed more than 700,000 preventive health checks in India. They have the largest and most advanced sleep laboratory around the world

5 – OutBloom Clinics – Dr Aklish Jain


Many from overseas come here because they have heard of the effective treatment in this clinic. This is also convenient for them because it’s possible to stay in a hotel near the hospital, where this can be easily organized for them. When you get a hair transplant here, expect to have access to intelligent medical professionals and advanced technologies.

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