Strip Harvesting

Why Strip Harvesting

Strip Harvesting is one of the two widespread methods employed by many transplant centres, but it lacks the high precision of the advanced FUE method.

There are mainly two methods to extract donor grafts from the patient’s body – Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and strip excision harvesting.Till the highly advanced FUE was developed and began to be used by surgeons, Strip Harvesting was the technique of choice for detaching hair and follicles from a donor site.

Mesotherapy, a non-surgical cosmetic medicine protocol, isemployed as an alternative therapy in conjunction with surgical hair transplant to speed up the process of regrowth.

In this method, the surgeon usually collects a predetermined strip of skin with scalpels from the back of the scalp where there is good hair growth.Only intact hair follicles are extracted in strips of 1-1.5 x 15-30 cm. But removing entire strips of hair follicles leads to bleeding as also large, ugly scars.On the surgical side, separating the follicular cells from the excess fatty and fibrous tissue without damaging them is a tedious and unguaranteed process.

The surgeon then punctures the sites with micro blades or needles in a predetermined manner in readiness for receiving the extracted grafts. The individual grafts are finally inserted in the designated positions, usually by technicians.

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