Himesh Reshammiya Hair Transplant

There are many celebrities that had undergone hair transplant to make them look good and one of those is the popular Indian actor named Himesh Reshammiya. He just recently added hair transplant that
made his look really amazing. The news of his new hair transplant have been spread all over the internet, the successful change has made him more attractive than ever.

Hair Transplant Is Popular For Both Men and Women
People from all over the world who suffers from hair loss and it’s increasing every year. There are cream for hair growth but it takes time and effort to do it. Which is why hair transplant is the best solution to
bring back the long hair.

2 Types Of Hair Transplant

The procedure of hair transplant is available in two options:

1. FUE – unlike the other procedure, FUE doesn’t make an obvious scar to the patient. It’s the modern
approach and clients would definitely choose this method over the other. The hair follicles located
below the back of your head which is near to the neck, is extracted and directly transfer to the clients
head. It’s required to use surgical needle and the procedure are being done by a professional micro hair
2. FUT – a professional doctor removes tissues (strips of hair) from the hair donor, extracted, cut into
different follicular units. Then, transfer it to the patient by making tiny cuts in the scalp and carefully
placed but can leave a scar.
Of course, every method is never easy for clients but they are provided with numbing injections so you
won’t have to feel the pain during the surgery.
There are plenty of people who are suffering from hair loss especially men, but thanks to the new technology, you can now get back the hair you want in no time. It’s planted inside your scalps so it’s definitely going to grow on a natural way. Though it takes some time to get all the bald areas covered but it’s definitely worth it to have a hair transplant.
Himesh Reshammiya enjoys his new look, thanks to the successful hair transplant he now confidently show off his best look. The popular actor, composer and successful celebrity has been quite some time in news because of his new hair transplant. It has made a big change in how he looks, but definitely the same Himesh Reshammiya personality.

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