FUE vs FUT hair transplant technique


With the hair transplant procedure, there are two types of techniques that doctors will use. These two techniques are either FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). If you are thinking about getting a hair transplant, then you will need a lot more details about both these types of procedures. Knowing these details can help you decide which type of procedure for the hair transplant to get.

Both techniques refer to the methods used for the extraction of the follicular units ( FUT or FUE) that would be used later to graft in our receiving area.

  • FUE Technique

The FUE technique uses microsurgical tools that are very small and less than 1 mm in diameter. With a micro-scalpel we proceed to perform the technique and extract the follicles one by one, that is helped with magnifying lenses to be able to see perfectly the follicle to be extracted, is the extraction of the follicle something very simple and not painful.

With the technique FUE, the wound or scar produced by scalpel is minimal and has a very fast healing, practically in a time of 4 days maximum is all healed, without leaving a mark, wound or visible scar of having happened at all, and is a minor surgery. This makes the FUE method the best type of hair transplant technique to utilize for a vast majority of people.

  • FUT technique

The aforementioned technique is older than the previous one with which we proceed to extract, remove or cut a strip or band of scalp up to about 25 cms in length and up to about 2.5 cms in width, for this we use a scalpel that it cuts nerves and blood vessels, being, therefore, an invasive technique. The FUT technique requires that after removing the strip the closure of the wound, since the surgeon has to pull both ends of the extraction area of ​​the skin band to join the ends and close it, leaving a scar in said area, although with the latest advances it is imperceptible. The healing time after the operation using the FUT technique lasts about one month.

With the FUT technique that band or strip of skin has to be divided and from there extract the follicular units that will be used for the capillary graft. The follicular units adjoining the strip could have been damaged by the fact of the extraction itself, which is absolutely normal.

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