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Dr Aklish Jain - Hairline Transplant
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Promise of Proven Results

Arvind Singh
Hair Transplant

I got my hair transplant done by Dr Aklish Jain last August. I was suffering from severe hair loss and felt quite depressed seeing my balding head in the mirror every day. A consultation with Dr Aklish convinced me that I could also lead a normal life like everyone else. And you can see the wonderful results of the transplant performed by Dr Jain. I am very satisfied with the quality of the treatment and the care given to me by his staff here. I would definitely recommend Outbloom Clinic to other sufferers like me.

Firoze Qureshi
Hair Transplant

My bald head made me look that much older. But regrowth was impossible now, and a hair transplant the only answer, Dr Aklish told me. I was afraid, but the doctor boosted my confidence about the time taken and the affordable costing. I got my transplant done on Saturday and was back at work on Monday! And you can see the results. When I posted my new picture on Facebook, an old friend found me by recognizing my younger look! Seeing my wonderful experience has motivated my neighbour to get a transplant done.

Hair Transplant

I always loved long, dense hair and took a lot of care, shampooing it daily. But I started to lose it and realized it was almost gone one day! I didn’t want to wear a cap to hide my receding hairline, so I decided on a transplant. Most people are afraid of the procedure, thinking they will open your skull, but it’s actually quite easy. You can even go back to work the next day. Dr Aklish Jain has done a very good job, as you can see I have good, thick hair again and feel great about myself.

Get the OUTBLOOM advantage

Affordable pricing

Fair price and ethical treatment is our credo at Outbloom. We never overcharge our patient and we don’t stint on quality.

FUE specialization

We own expertise in FUE, the most advanced and painless technique for hair extraction and transplantation. The maximum work of hairline transplant designing and extraction is done personally by Dr Aklish Jain himself unlike at other centres in India where patients are left at the mercies of technicians.

Expertise in transplanting body hair

We use hair from the beard area, chest and other body parts apart from the scalp to extract the maximum follicles and cover a larger area on the scalp. Most other clinics don’t do this and turn away patients with severe alopecia. Outbloom gives great results even in patients with advanced grades of alopecia and limited donor hair.

We specialize in reconstructing eyebrows, moustaches and beards

to give them a fuller look. Many young patients have taken advantage of our expertise for eyebrow and beard restoration.

Ladies, get a natural looking hairlinewith our laser-assisted hairline

design, no-touch implanting technique, maximum coverage in a single session, and 100 % regrowth

“Nothing can beat the boost
of confidence
that a good hair
transplant gives!”
– Dr. Aklish Jain, MD

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